A Review Of Sophia Nanzan Latin America Program

"A Review Of Sophia

As the name suggests it is a joint project of Sophia University, Nanzan University, and Sophia University Junior College division. It aims at sharing, educating and developing human resource equipped with expertise, specialization, problem-solving ability based on multidimensional perspectives in various fields of knowledge. This project has different layers of educational and research activities which not only facilitate knowledge acquisition of the language and culture but also for internship programs, Educational trips, service learning, professional workshops, and field research for the students of Latin America and Japan. As this is a student exchange programme the biggest problem is to handle cultural differences between the two regions. However, it focuses on conflict identification, tracing challenges and address challenges to solve them.

The Exchange Program

"The Exchange Program"

Both countries send students to the universities of their partner countries where students participate in joint pre and post- exchange programs on the basis of inbound and outbound exchange. At the host universities, students learn language and culture of the host country and enroll themselves in the courses related to their field of study and also undergo internship programs for their professional experience.

Inbound students are facilitated with multi-campus educational programs in Japan. This includes learning Japanese language in Nanzan University, undergraduate, and graduate programs in the respective fields of students at Sophia, Tokyo. Students need to participate in joint programs and seminars on comparative research of the two regions collectively. This project also aims to make “Migration and Coexistence” successful by working on the diversity of culture language and social structure. This contact program is available for multi-layered enrolment process and duration for giving the students maximum convenience and compatibility to the program.

Project Based On Globalization Of Education

"Globalization Of Education"

As the project aims at “Migration and Coexistence” it is intended to facilitate students with opportunities for better learning and understanding the issues such as diversity, cultural differences and social heterogeneity with the help of exchanging shared ideas, thoughts and humanitarian aspects with each other. Indeed this is a well-equipped platform and it will certainly help students in expanding their cognitive framework which helps in decision making, problem-solving and conflict resolution.

Features Of The Project

  • The three universities in Japan and Latin America collaborated on the basis of shared Catholic Culture.
  • This is a multi-campus project that is jointly carried out by Sophia University, Nanzan University, and Sophia Junior College division.
  • The project aims at collaborating industrial and local community with the help of educational programs.
  • A multi-layered project to conduct exchange and contact programs to connect Japanese and Latin American students belonging to different cultural backgrounds.

Future Prospects Of The Project

This project is really a remarkable perspective in the field of “Global Integration” by using education as a common tool and definitely it is going to synchronize the cultures of the globe with each other. Not only Japan and Latin America but all countries should collaborate with each other for such an initiative.