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"Portal about the educational"

Nueva Alejandría is a portal about the educational system prevailing in the Latin America and the Caribbean region and the institutions situated in these regions are tirelessly working for competitive improvements to globalize their universities and educational institutions. The history of education in the region has been poor as compared to the developed world. Until 1980’s the educational methods were highly traditional and inefficient. A couple of traditional schools and universities were not adequate to compete with the rest of the world and there was a great scope for educational reforms in the region that could meet the needs and aspirations of students, teachers, and parents as well.

Undoubtedly the Latin region has made significant progress in the last two decades and the contribution of the stakeholders is absolutely remarkable and deserves appreciation. One of the biggest challenges of this region was to improve to such a height that the world could see the Latin American countries as “America” because the North America (The US) is the most developed nation in the world in all terms. To match the expectation of the modern education system was a difficult task but they make it possible with their continuous effort and long-term determination. Now the time has come that not only the students of the region are pursuing a quality education at their school levels and higher education at university levels but also the foreign students are also coming to study in Mexico, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina. The governments have bilateral ties with China, Japan, Romania, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Ghana, Indonesia, Italy, Canada and Guatemala for which many organizations offer fellowship and scholarships.

Objectives Of The Portal

The main aim of this portal is to provide the international students with information about the eligibility, the process of admission, fee structure and sponsorship programs offered by various universities and institutions for pursuing higher education especially for the master’s, Ph.D., medical and biotechnology, engineering, astronomy, language and cultural research. The knowledge transfer and latest technology has made the educational system of Latin America global and highly recognized in the world which is worth appreciation and also inspiring.