A Brief Overview Of What To Expect On The Page With Search Form

A search form on a web page should have the following characteristics so that the users can make maximum use out of it without going to opt for an external search option.

  • Use auto-suggestion mechanism.
  • Proper field size for better search.
  • Put the search box where users expect to find it.
  • Make the search box simple.
  • The search box should be linked to every page.
  • A search button for the search box.
  • Display search field prominently.
  • Use of a magnifying-glass icon.
  • High-End internal linking of the pages in a website.

Conclusion: Considering the above features of an ideal search form, the web page can be made more user-friendly and even the users having basic internet knowledge can search well. Making a web page simple, convenient and easy to use should be the priority of a developer.