Ranking Of Higher Education 2017: The Times Higher Education Ranking

"Higher Education Ranking"

In the current ranking of The Times Higher Education Ranking, Brazil’s State University of Campinas stands on the top while the University of São Paulo is placed at the second rank the region. However, Brazil dominates the rank list and claims two-fifths of ranks (32 out of 81) only 18of these managed to secure position under 50 for the last 23 years. The Concerned University officials reported that the ranking results reflect long-term and continuous efforts in order to improve educational institutions had made them work on research strategy and knowledge transfers over the past years.

Ranking Of The Latin American Universities

Latin America Rank 2017 Latin America Rank 2016 World Rank University Country
1 2 401-500 State University of Campinas Brazil
2 1 251-300 University of São Paulo Brazil
3 3 401-500 Pontifical Catholic University of Chile Chile
4 4 501-600 University of Chile Chile
5 10 501-600 University of the Andes Colombia
6 8 501-600 Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education Mexico
7 Not Ranked 601-800 Federal University of São Paulo(UNIFESP) Brazil
8 5 601-800 Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Brazil
9 6 601-800 Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio) Brazil
10 9 501-600 National Autonomous University of Mexico Mexico

Facts And Findings

"Facts And Findings"

It has been said that The States University of Campinas has a selective process of faculty recruitment and it has collaborated with businesses for research. The business professionals are hired for training students so that they can make maximum use of the practical application and learn like trainees rather than students. In addition, the University is facing struggles related to budget issues because of the economic crisis in Brazil. Since 2008 the budget has not been expanded but the university grew up to 30%. The University is not investing in new buildings, which also affects its research and functioning. According to the latest analysis by a scientific research organization, it was found that because of low salaries, under-financing and interference of bureaucracy a massive brain drain has been reported in the region. On contrary Chile has improved its ranking and has managed to acquire 15 positions for its universities in top 50.

Recommendations To Governments And Stakeholders

"Governments And Stakeholders"

Experts say that Brazil will continue to hold the leading position. Governments in this region need to provide adequate funds for research and development programmes conducted by the universities especially in the fields of Humanities and Social Science along with other sciences because it will contribute to the social awareness towards the significance of education and ultimately add on to the economies of the respective countries. It will be difficult for The Latin American Universities to compete with the other developed countries unless they work tirelessly on scientific research, skill training, knowledge transfer and high-end learning curriculum with a smart and practical approach which is only possible with high scale education funding. There should be collaborative programmes initiated by the governments based on Public-Private Partnership model to refuel the educational objectives and agencies concerned with community awareness must also contribute to the same unconditionally.